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Bliss and Bloops

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I started this site driven by a passion for beauty, food, travel, and clean living.  I want to bring ideas, share products I like, and be informative.  We are a small team of two; we hope you like our vision.  We are supported by a great community of people who share our passion.  I’m also a wife, a mom of four grown children, one Yorkie, and a grandmother of three; above all, I have a great family I adore.  I am always on the move.  I am a businesswoman, a traveler, and soon to be a published author.  I love to garden, and every so often, I try my hand at new healthy recipes, but I am a foodie at heart.  We live in sunny Southern California; we enjoy discovering new places. I love photography and meeting new people. 

I am fortunate to have traveled the world and experienced many cultures and foods, but most of all, I have met many wonderful people along the way, people I will never forget.

I have over twenty years of experience working in the food and beauty industries, and I draw a lot of ideas, recipes, and suggestions from what I know.

On this site, we will bring discoveries, adventures, products, literature, places to visit, and fun stories, coupled with our personal view of what is bliss or bloop!

I hope you enjoy the site and give me your feedback.

With Love,



My Office Assistant 

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